Leighton Green

  • 16.58 hectare site
  • Up to 400 new homes
  • Community sport and recreation facilities
  • Potential to unlock further development land



Leighton Green is a 16.58 hectare strategic development site at the western edge of Crewe, close to Leighton Hospital. The site is bounded by Middlewich Road, Pyms Lane and Minshull New Road.


Cheshire East Council owns the southern part of the site and it is allocated within the new Local Plan to be suitable for up to 400 new homes and community outdoor and recreation facilities. The northern part of the allocation is being promoted by Bloor Homes and Linden Homes. As part of the Local Plan allocation there is capacity to extend Leighton Hospital.


Engine of the North has worked closely with Bloor/Linden Homes, the Mid-Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Cheshire East Highways and Infrastructure to comprehensively masterplan for the wider allocation. Part of this overall development proposal includes a new north-south road linking Minshull New Road to Smithy Lane, improving access to Leighton Hospital and helping to alleviate congestion on Minshull New Road.


In July 2015, Engine of the North undertook a public consultation into the proposals for the southern parcel of land, within Cheshire East Council’s ownership.


What are the benefits of Leighton Green?


  • The land within Cheshire East’s ownership could deliver up to 400 much-needed new homes.
  • New job and training opportunities would be created during construction.
  • Significant community open space created, which could include outdoor sports pitches and facilities, play areas and fitness trails. A new green corridor would be created with tree and shrub planting, creating new habitat opportunities for wildlife.
  • A new spine road connecting Minshull New Road and Smithy Lane, helping to ease traffic flow on Minshull New Road and improve access to the hospital.
  • New homes will generate New Homes Bonus and Council Tax revenue for Cheshire East Council that can be re-invested into local services.


What’s happening now?


Work is ongoing with Bloor/Linden Homes, Mid-Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Cheshire East Highways and Infrastructure to comprehensively masterplan the area. An EIA scoping has been undertaken and work is ongoing in the preparation of appropriate planning submissions to deliver the key infrastructure, housing and associated services and amenity.


In February 2018, Cheshire East Council was awarded £20 million of government funding to unlock the infrastructure required to deliver new homes in Macclesfield and Crewe. Half of the funding will support the strategic infrastructure team in delivering the new link road as part of the Leighton Green site in Crewe, known as the North West Crewe Package (NWCP). The site will deliver up to 850 new homes with around 400 new homes on the southern part of the site, within Cheshire East Council’s ownership.


Cheshire East Council recently consulted on the NWCP. Further information can be found here.


Where can I find out more?

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